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Bringing mixed reality to training

“We are a mixed-reality software development company, focused on delivering safety, scalability & real-time data to high-risk and mission-critical training”

George Tziazas - Ascanio Chief Executive Officer

Technology Evolution: VR - AR - XR

What is Mixed Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR)

Complete immersion in a virtual environment that completely shuts out the physical world.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Addition of digital elements to a live view, typically through a smartphone/tablet camera.

Mixed Reality (XR)

Intersection of digital and real elements that combines AR and VR technologies with the physical world

We Offer a New Way To Train

Why is mixed reality better?

Rich Data Analysis

One step further than far ahead


Analysis of the performance of the trainee in real-time and suggestions on corrective actions.

Team Analysis

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team as a unit and target those through future trainings.

Machine Learning & AI

The program analyses and understands the weak points of the trainees and focuses on them.

Use Cases

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MILITARY - Battle & Training Simulations

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